The Monkton Brooch. Copyright Ashmolean Museum, Oxford
Anglo-Saxon Folkestone
Romans 9 Coin of Emperor Constantius I
Roman Folkestone
Romans 2a Roman key
Romans 2: a rusty object
Romans 4a Painted_Plaster_FCC
Romans 4: something painted
Romans 3e Folkestone Roman Villa mosaic floor
Romans 3: what they walked on
Maritime 3: model ship
Masters 1m A gondola F3644_188.3 P34
Master Collection
Masters 1a DSC_0739
Master Collection 1: Thomas Man Bridge’s journeys
Stone Age to Iron Age
FM_Banner 14
Anglo-Saxons 2: Aefre
Anglo Saxon 3 beads
Anglo-Saxons 3: beads
Anglo-Saxons 4: bit of bling
Anglo Saxon 5 Shield boss
Anglo-Saxons 5: used by a warrior
Anglo-Saxons 1a Photo ref 6 Album 24 FEVE650 Photographs of the Anglo-Saxon Site Dover Hill Folkestone 1907 600dpi
Anglo-Saxons 1: Dover Hill
Romans 0b Samuel Wimbolt and his team at Folkestone Roman Villa in 1924
Romans 0: a pile of old stones
Romans 1a Artist's impression of Folkestone Roman Villa in use
Romans 1: plans and artist’s impression
Maritime 10 F3729 Shipping in the Channel. Artist E Davis (2)
Maritime Folkestone
Maritime 1 F6121.18_FTC_Litho_Folkestone_Harbour_FCC
Maritime 1: a view of the sea
Maritime 2 F3758 (2)
Maritime 2: girl in a dress at sea
Stone Age to Iron Age 1: flint
Stone Age to Iron Age 2 - Iron Age coins
Stone Age to Iron Age 2: metal shapes
Iron Age quern stones
Stone Age to Iron Age 3: quern stones
Stone Age to Iron Age 2 - curved ditch of an Iron Age round house
Stone Age to Iron Age 4: round house
Seaside 11 Tom Browne town band
Seaside Holidays
Folkestone poster
Seaside holidays 1: advertisements
G3 F3923 (2)
Seaside holidays 2: the beach
Art Store H1 F1599A
Seaside holidays 3: urban development
Folkestone Regatta before 1869 H1 F6118 (2)
Seaside holidays 4: action at sea
F5962 Viaduct Folkestone. Artist P Ewer (2)
Seaside holidays 5: the iron road
Highlights a Cabinet of curiosities
A Cabinet of Curiosities
Cabinets of Curiosity 1: egg-shaped
Cabinets of Curiosity 2a FM_Banner 7
Cabinets of Curiosity 2: butterflies and moths
Cabinets of Curiosity 3 F0114 Chocolate cup SH213
Cabinets of curiosity 3: porcelain cup
Cabinets of Curiosity 4a F0193 Pallisy dish
Cabinets of Curiosity 4: pottery
Cabinets of curiosity 5: BLANK
Cabinet of Curiosities 6: mini books
Cabinets of curiosity 8 Box 225 F6777.02 bee orchid close up of flower
Cabinet of Curiosities 8: flowers
Cabinet of Curiosities 9: coins
Cabinet of Curiosities 10: the bird that gave its name to a toy
Cabinets of Curiosity 11: amulets
Cabinets of Curiosity 12: tesserae
Biddenden biscuit
Cabinets of Curiosity 13: Biddenden cake
Cabinets of Curiosity 14: barrel churn
Cabinets of Curiosity 15: Bouverie
Cabinets of Curiosity 16: William Harvey
Cabinets of Curiosity 17: Oyez, Oyez, Oyez!
Rocks Resources Rocks and Fossils 3 F2702 FOSSIL PUDDING
Rocks and Fossils
Rocks and Fossils 1: Iguanadon
Rocks and Fossils 2: Ichthyosaur
Rocks and Fossils 3 F2702 FOSSIL PUDDING
Rocks and Fossils 3: fossil pudding
Rocks and Fossils 4: Pachyrhizodus salmoneus
Rocks and Fossils 6 FM 2017 8 4 Coprolite
Rocks and Fossils 6: coprolites
Rocks and Fossils 5: ammonites
Rocks and fossils 7 shark
Rocks and Fossils 8: Folkestone’s own dinosaur
Rocks and Fossils 9: Mammuthus primigenius
Rocks and Fossils 10: footprint
WW2 2: ARP Warden
WW2 3: know the drill
WW2 4: Dig for Victory
WW2 5: Make Do and Mend
WW2 6: Schooldays
WW2 7: a boy on a bus
WW2 9: Evacuation
WW2 10 George Henry Streeter medals
Seaside holidays 6 F3813 KT_FK_12_014
Seaside holidays 6: walking on water – or above it
Seaside holidays 7: concertina
F3764 KT_FK_13_035
Seaside holidays 8: panoramic view
Seaside holidays 9: Folkestone Chronicle
Seaside holidays 10: photo album
Seaside holidays 11: entertainments
Seaside holidays 12: I do like to be beside the seaside…
Seaside holidays 13: view of Victorian Folkestone
Seaside hoildays 14: charabanc
Seaside holidays 15: Zeeland
Seaside holidays 16: woolly
Seaside holidays 17: souvenir
Seaside holidays 18: Folkestone in 1949
WW1 Resources Berkshire Regiment marching from Shorncliffe to Folkestone Harbour in WW1
WW2 14: civil defence
WW2 17: Post-war rebuilding
WW1 7: RMS Laurentic
WW1 8: Certificate of wounds
WW1 1 F3978
WW1 1: new arrivals to Folkestone
WW1 15: Ghurkas
Roman Folkestone 16: a whorl
Romans 10: Samian ware
Maritime 11 F8098_FTC_Whale_Vertebra_FTC
Maritime 11: Creatures of the deep
WW1 13: Walter Tull
Anglo-Saxons 9: fastening
Anglo-Saxons 13: tusk and jaw
Cabinets of Curiosity 19: sampler
Romans 8: blingy things
Romans 9: coins
Romans 11: counters and knucklebones
Romans 12: gladiators
Romans 13: lucernae
Romans 14: amphora
Romans 15 Pottery finds 1924 dig
Romans 15: mortaria
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