Roman Folkestone

Romans 0b Samuel Wimbolt and his team at Folkestone Roman Villa in 1924
Romans 0: a pile of old stones
Romans 1a Artist's impression of Folkestone Roman Villa in use
Romans 1: plans and artist’s impression
Romans 2a Roman key
Romans 2: a rusty object
Romans 3e Folkestone Roman Villa mosaic floor
Romans 3: what they walked on
Romans 4a Painted_Plaster_FCC
Romans 4: something painted
Romans 5a. Dog paw prints on a Roman roof tile
Romans 5: tiles
Romans 6: hypocaust
Romans 7: bath time
Romans 8: blingy things
Romans 9: coins
Romans 10: Samian ware
Romans 11: counters and knucklebones
Romans 12: gladiators
Romans 13: lucernae
Romans 14: amphora
Romans 15 Pottery finds 1924 dig
Romans 15: mortaria
Roman Folkestone 16: a whorl
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