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Roman Samian ware sherds with hunting scene

Date made: 43-410 (circa)

Maker / artist: unknown

Date collected: 1924

Collector: Samuel E Winbolt

Material: pottery|samian

Period: Roman

Status: Suggest add to display

Accession number: F0657.2-3

This fragment of Samian ware is part of a straight sided cylindrical vessel. The design is part of a hunting scene. A dog is running (on the left) chasing a larger animal, almost certainly a deer, now largely missing, although its rear end and back leg can be seen (centre top), either side of the join where the broken fragments have been stuck back together. A leaping buck, a young stag with its first stunted growth of antlers, is trying to escape (centre bottom). Part of a collection of 30 decorated Samian fragments listed under F0657. Found during the excavation of Folkestone Roman Villa by Samuel Winbolt in 1924.

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