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Cabinets of Curiosity 14 Butter churn 1_for_library_use

Butter churn

Highlights i Butterfly Cabinet Drawer

Butterfly collection

Cabinets of Curiosity 2b T0426_FTC_E_C_Joy_Butterfly_Cabinet_20_Drawer_17_FCCcrop

Butterfly collection

Maritime 12 F7450_FTC_Cat o' nine tails_1_FCC

Cat o’ nine tails whip

WW1 11 .F5874_FTC_Cert_Honour_Thomas_James_Allen_FCC

Certificate of Honour – Thomas Allen.

WW1 8 H4 BOX 55 F6001

Certificate of Wounds and Hurts – Leonard Drew

WW2 Adult civilian gas mask

Civilian gas mask

Daub fragment

WW1 11 F5875_FTC_Death_Penny_1_FCC

Death Penny – Thomas Allen