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Bead necklace

Biddenden biscuit

Biddenden cakes – Mary and Eliza Chulkhurst

WW2 12 Blackout bicycle light 1

Blackout bicycle light

WW2 12 Black out curtain close-up

Blackout curtain

Cabinets of Curiosity 18d Bombardo FM2017.22 1

Bombardo game

WW2 6 F5250 Menu Book of School Dinners

Book of school dinners menus

Cabinets of Curiosity 15 IMG_20200515_102944 Bouverie Shield on display

Bouverie Shield – Folkestone’s old Town Hall

Stone Age to Iron Age 12 F2526_FTC_Bronze_Age_Beaker_2_FCC

Bronze Age beaker

Anglo Saxon 9 buckle

Bronze buckle with garnet